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Parent's Thoughts


We love Bright Stars Preschool! When we started looking for preschools for our daughter, a teaching colleague of mine referred us to Bright Stars. She shared amazing reviews of the staff, the learning environment, and the program itself, but I have to say that Bright Stars Preschool has absolutely exceeded our expectations. 

The dedication, care and compassion that the teachers have for our children is absolutely incredible.  The high standards and expectations for academic and character development together with the high level of support from the teachers has allowed our children to feel successful! Our daughter is now in the four year old program, and she is beginning to read and spell! Our son, who is three and in his first year of preschool, often calls me by his teachers' names - usually when he is sharing a poem or song that he has learned that day. 

Our children want everyday to be a preschool day! Thank you for helping to foster their love of learning! 




As parents, we couldn't have asked for a better start for our daughter's education. We love everything about Bright Stars! The preschool has the perfect combination of academics and play. As a teacher, I am familiar with many of the academic programs Bright Stars uses. I feel these programs will prepare our daughter well for her entry into Kindergarten. The teachers at Bright Stars have such a wealth of knowledge and know this age group inside and out. We feel so fortunate that our daughter had such a productive and enjoyable experience in her preschool years.



We feel so fortunate to have had two of our children experience Bright Stars Preschool (and if we weren't moving, our third would go there too!). Not only have they LOVED the program - all the fun crafts and activities and exploring learning through creativity, but they adore the teachers (these women have become friends of mine over the years too and their passion and love for what they do shines through every day). I would absolutely recommend Bright Stars over and over again and I am so thankful that a friend told us about it. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking such good care of our wee ones and giving them an experience they have cherished while setting them up for the future.



From the moment we walked into the Bright Stars Open House, I just felt that it was the right preschool for my children. Now, nearly four years later, I know for sure that it was the ONLY preschool for my children.

 My two oldest boys have each been a part of Bright Stars for the Three and Four year-old programs. They have both had so much fun attending every week, exploring and making new friends.  In addition to that, they have developed a true love of school and learning.

The teachers guide each child with love. They see the individual strengths and encourage fun and growth. I have always felt like the preschool has been an extension of our family.

My youngest son already feels like Bright Stars is home, and he still has a year and a half to go before he gets to attend! I look forward to seeing how much he will grow and develop, as his brothers have, inside the caring walls of Bright Stars Preschool.

 Thank you!!




Our son was particularly anxious and teary to start preschool. The staff at Bright Stars were exceptional with aiding in his transition. All the staff are very supportive, patient, caring and understanding of his needs. The level of communication and sense of connection I was granted within his process of adjusting to preschool was greatly appreciated.

 Our son now loves preschool and asks if he can go every day! The staff at Bright Stars are kind, positive, caring, organized, extremely hard working and dedicated to providing a quality learning experience for the children within the safe, engaging and fun learning environment they provide. The students enjoy a balance of structured and unstructured learning opportunities, thus providing valuable educational experiences along with social growth and development opportunities. I have witnessed many happy faces at Bright Stars as children are engaged throughout their time, transitioning through a variety of carefully considered activities and learning endeavours. We couldn’t be happier with the progression we’ve seen with our son’s extreme unease regarding his preschool experience. The welcoming, patient, caring and engaging environment he experiences every day at Bright Stars has made a world of difference for him in which we are very grateful.


- Charlotte


Bright Stars Preschool is a perfectly balanced equation. It begins with a clean, organized and well equipped environment.  Add that to the dedicated, knowledgeable and nurturing teachers.  The end result is a beautiful opportunity for our children to play, learn develop and achieve!


 - Dawn


My families experience with Bright Stars has been fantastic! You and your staff have provided a wonderful academic foundation for both my girls in the past couple years.  I know they enjoy Bright Stars because of their eagerness to attend and the great stories they share about what they did that day.  I truly appreciate all the time and hard work you and the teacher put into all the creative crafts and learning tools they use everyday.  I will continue to recommend Bright Stars to everyone I know.




My daughter is thoroughly enjoying her experience at Bright Stars. She beams with excitement from drop-off to pick-up, and each night after classes she's either singing a new song to us, or teaching us what she learned that day.  I couldn't be happier with the results, and it's only been a few months! Thank you Megan, Sheri and Becky for being such wonderful influences and providing inspiration for Mady. It's more than we could have hoped for! 




Both my boys have been fortunate enough to attend Bright Stars Preschool. They both absolutely LOVED it and developed many skills useful for grade school. The staff are all very welcoming, caring and have an enthusiasm for teaching our children. Activities are constantly changing and keeping the children engaged. Communication is an absolute strong point. I never had a question of what my boys were learning or what was coming up on the agenda.  I highly recommend this preschool and will miss it next school year. Thank you Bright Stars!




Emma asks every morning, if today is a school day because she loves going so much.  The teachers are friendly, welcoming and so patient.  When our son Ryan entered Kindergarten after finishing at Bright Stars, his teacher asked which preschool he attended, remarking how well prepared he was.  We absolutely adore Bright Stars Preschool!




I can't say enough wonderful things about Bright Stars!  Miss Megan, Miss Ann and Miss Sheri and have found a way to teach my kids to love learning, along with preparing them for kindergarten both academically and socially. Amazing!  The teachers clearly care about each child, and often take the time to let me know a small detail of how my child's day has gone.  My kids are more excited to go to preschool than any other activity. Thank you, Bright Stars, for making their first years of school so positive!