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Bright Stars Preschool is situated in a SE community serving the communities of Copperfield and surrounding neighborhoods. We are very fortunate to have a new facility that is bright and open. We also have a beautiful playground, picnic tables and tennis courts right outside our door. The following, highlights a few of the wonderful centers found within our preschool.

Library    Our library nook is equipped with child-sized furniture, a listening center and a variety of books that are developmentally appropriate. There is a wide selection of fiction and non-fiction stories, books on tape and books which highlight our unit of inquiry.

Block Area     The block area is equipped with an assortment of blocks, which vary in size, shape, color and medium. From Lego pieces to magnetic blocks your child is sure to find joy in this area while developing their creative minds and building their fine motor skills. Our block area is located on a carpet which features roadways and plenty of little cars to drive around their newly created city.

Water and Sand Play      The sand and water table is fully equipped with suitable aprons, containers and accessories for pouring, stirring, filling, emptying and constructing. We will also use this table to highlight our units of inquiry, Our Five Senses and Things that Sink and Float.

Social / Dramatic Play     We have many dramatic play areas, which are developed to compliment our theme for that month. Some of the dramatic areas your child will experience are a house/restaurant; igloo with ice fishing; a fire station; boating adventures; camping; bakery and a  veterinarian's office, our list is endless! We also have a wonderful puppet theatre, which is equipped with many different puppets that will be rotated throughout the year.

 Craft Area     Our craft area is stocked with crayons, colorful paper, glue, collage material, tissue paper and “special surprise items”. Other items will be kept on hand for art projects done throughout our year.

Gross Motor Area      We will take advantage of our beautiful outdoor surroundings right up until the snow flies and then again in the spring. We are fortunate to have a beautiful playground equipped with a large structure, swings, picnic tables and tennis courts. We also have a large selection of balls of varying sizes, beanbags, skipping ropes, bubbles and a parachute. During the cold winter months we will try our hand at yoga, beanbag tosses, parachute and creative movement inside and on our "Chinook days" we will head out tobogganing!

Academic Area     This area has a monthly calendar and seasonal décor. It is in this area where we will meet for circle time (calendar, poetry, story time…), Handwriting Without Tears, Jolly Phonics  and Math Activities.

Snack Area      During snack time we will discuss the importance of healthy choices, manners and the Canadian Food Groups.

Kitchen Area              We are fortunate at Bright Stars to have a full kitchen to use. Throughout the year we will use it to make crafts, simple snacks and perform science experiments.